Get A Portable Power Tool – The Dewalt DCK655X 6 Tool Combo Pack

You have a lot of things to do around the house, the garage, or the work site. You can’t constantly be running back and forth for tools. You need something portable, convenient, and most importantly, economical. What if you could buy all the tools you will need in one handy kit? Dewalt offers you just that option, like having a portable handyman following you around!


The Dewalt DCK655X combo tool kit ensures that you have all the tools you will need for any kind of job, on hand. No DIY job or work site project requires just one tool to get it done best corded electric impact wrench  . With the convenience of always having a handy ½ inch hammer drill, 6 ½ inch circular saw, a reciprocating saw, ¼ inch impact driver, and a cut-off tool, you will never be left scrambling for the right tool for the job, they will be conveniently at your side whenever and wherever you will need them. They also include a carbide-tipped blade for the circular saw, and a Type 1 guard and wheel. You also get a wrench and backing flange in this multi-use kit, completing what is a very well-equipped tool bag. Even more bonus items are discussed below, in the “Economical” part of this article.


The contractor bag that houses these great tools, makes a super efficient carry-all for you to transfer them anywhere you need to be. Instead of lugging around individual tools that you bought separately, in shopping bags or loosely carried in the back of your truck, you have the portability offered by having all these tools conveniently stored and protected in the contractor bag that comes with the Dewalt DCK655X combo pack. This ensures your tools are always in one place, always ready to go, and always with you when you need them.


For one convenient price you get 6 of the most-used tools required for at home or on the job site. Buying the hammer drill, impact driver, cut-off tool, reciprocating saw and circular saw individually would cost a great deal of money, not to mention perhaps running around to different stores to try to find them all. In purchasing the Dewalt DCK655X 6 Tool Combo Pack, you will find all the tools you need in one place, requiring only one trip to the store. Not only will you get these 6 great tools in one bag, but the kit also includes two 18V batteries that are line with the 18V power tools mentioned above, as well as the charger for these batteries. With two batteries on hand, along with the charger, you can be assured you will always have charged tools at the ready. Also included is an 18V flexible floodlight that enables you to see what you are working on, in any space or tight configuration.

Furthermore, you also get peace of mind when you purchase this great, well-balanced kit. The kit comes backed with an impressive warranty, including a 90 day money back guarantee, free service for one year, and a 3-year limited warranty.

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