Advantages and disadvantages of gangrene

In addition to the inherent features of gangrene, it has its own pros and cons. How is the bridge worth?

In common types of cast iron, such as cast iron, cast iron, gray cast iron, cast iron is a type of high strength with graphite components together with elements Mg, Ce nắp hố ga bằng thép. Therefore, gangrene has many applications in the details of the machine, manhole cover and many other equipment. What are the advantages of gang iron? Which units cast iron bridge best? This article will help you to answer.

What are the advantages of gangrene?

First of all, cast iron has the advantages of cast iron as: Highly easy to cast mold, good compressive strength, easy to fill, good static load, high abrasion. Along with that, cast iron has outstanding advantages such as:
– More durability than the rest of the cast iron;
– excellent plasticity;
– Possesses properties of steel and cast iron;
– Hardness and durability will increase many times when heated.

Thanks to these outstanding features, the gangs are close to replacing steel in the case of complex machine parts to reduce material wastage as well as to ensure good working conditions. In addition, it is used to fabricate medium-sized, complex shapes such as the crankshaft and shaft. Owning so many advantages, gangs have higher prices than other types of cast iron.

As a result, gang iron products are being used very commonly in the market. Therefore, there are many cast iron units with different quality and price. Which unit best cast iron?

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