Dosti Zindabad Movie Review

STORY: Angad (Rahuul Chwudhary), Sunny (Dev Sharma) and Abbas Khan (Ansh) are thick as thieves, and the story revolves around their friendship and the many twists and turns it takes as they go along.

REVIEW: One day, three best friends — Angad (Rahuul Chwudhary), Sunny (Dev Sharma) and Abbas Khan (moviestv) — mutually decide to part ways and then meet at the same place after a year, and see how their lives turn out during that time. Sure, their friendship is deep, but they need to find out for themselves if it can withstand the test of time.

Despite inculcating all the ingredients required for a successful bromance — brotherly love, unconditional friendship and filmy drama — ‘Dosti Zindabad’ fails to keep you hooked and entertained for reasons more than one. To begin with, performances by all the actors are delivered with very little conviction, and all the characters in this film lack depth, too.

The screenplay of ‘Dosti Zindabad’ has been written keeping the youth in mind, but has nothing new to offer in any aspect. There is not much in it for the audience solely because it is a mish-mash of all other romedies and bromances we have watched on screen in the last five years.

Overall, ‘Dosti Zindabad’ is not the catch phrase you would want to chant this weekend; skipping is highly recommended.

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