The Constantly Changing World of Inkjet Technology

We have finally advanced to a time when technology can greatly improve graphics and printing. The technology we have at our
disposal now is so advanced we are able to produce inkjet printers capable of printing proofs so accurate they can actually represent the end product. This type of advanced technology has provided businesses with a major advantage over the competition in today’s cut throat business world.

The printer industry has come a long way since the antiquated days of dot matrix printers AiBoo  . Even the early inkjet printers suffered from numerous problems such as clogging the print heads with dried ink when not in use and constant ink leaks. The amazing advances in inkjet technology has allowed many businesses to become far more self sufficient in terms of producing their own brochures and sales material.

For example, the new Epson Stylus Pro series printer uses chrome seven color ink advancement technology. With this product, users are still able to make use of the usual CMYK colors; however they also now have the option to utilize light cyan, light magenta, and gray. The addition of these three extra colors is anticipated to greatly enhance the overall picture quality the printer is capable of producing. The inkjet industry has come a long way indeed and now even home users can achieve more fantastic graphical output than they ever thought possible.

While the inkjet industry continues to evolve and develop a number of companies are making the decision to specialize in the inkjet industry. Xennia, an independent company, is just one of these companies. Since they moved to inkjet specialization, Xennia has built a solid reputation for their expertise in all aspects of the inkjet process. This company’s ability to keep up

with the constantly changing aspects of the inkjet industry is just one of the many reasons they have seen so much success. Regardless of whether the consumer is looking for information on ink, printheada or print media and platforms; Xennia is sure to have made ground breaking advancements. Xennia also offers classes to better enable individuals and corporations to fully understand the ever changing technology in the field of inkjet. Making use of the cutting edge technological services available at companies like Xennia is just one of the ways many corporations are finding to stay ahead of future competition.

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