July 24, 2020

Would You Eat These?

By admin

Great beaches are only one of the many reasons why Thailand lands on top of the list of many tourists when it comes to choosing Asian destinations. There is just so much to experience when you come and visit this beautiful country. But one thing that you should not miss to try are their delicacies — Thai food that’s very spicy yet very tasteful. Well if you want to grab a bite or stop for some snacks, then immerse yourself deep in their culture by trying some good old fashioned Thai snacks.

Jing Leed

Jing Leed is among the popular Thai snacks you will find in every corner of this Asian region. We commonly refer to it as crickets. Not many have the stomach for such a snack for once it ends up in your palate, the texture is not that pleasing. But Jing Leed is a Maeng Da Kratom common favorite among beer drinkers in Thailand for it is certainly a great beer match. Its preparation will only take a few minutes. It is fried in wok, placed in golden mountain sauce, and spiced up with Thai pepper powder.

Maeng Kee Noon

Still hungry? Then make a stop at the next corner and have some Maeng Kee Noon or what we fondly call as the beetle. You heard it right my friend, the one that flies and possess a hard shell on the back. It is cooked exactly the same way as the Jing Leed, so expect it to be spicy as well.

Non Mai

Another Thai delicacy which many are not really tourists are so anxious to try is what most foreigners refer to as the “double WW”. But once you are in Thailand they refer to is as Non Mai. From a distance it might appear like fries to you, well its not. These are wood worms as what the name itself stands for, as “Non” refers to “Worm” and “Mai” refers to “Wood”. In creating this snack, it is prepared the same way with Jing Leed and Maeng Kee Noon.

Tak Ga Tan

“Tak Ga Tan” is another beer match for Thai people which is also a traditional snack for them. Not many countries are so friendly with this insect for it is considered a pest, well not in Thailand my friend. They love this creature especially if it was already fried in wok, rubbed in golden mountain sauce, and covered in Thai pepper powder. Tak Ga Tan in its regular form is our common grasshopper.